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Annie Sherwin

I agree with everything James Aubrey has written in this letter. I have brought up four children of my own in the same way he has spoken of and three of them are now Adults who live life with respect for autority for others. Through discipline they have learnt self control and are all well rounded and confident individuals who know they are loved very much by their parents. Due to the controlled, physical discipline they received as children, I am happy to say they are now a great asset to society. Thank you for your consideration on this very serious matter. Annie Sherwin.

MarK Phillips

The truth written by a well educated and well rounded individual.

Thank you James for the care & attention you have given to this most important matter.

You have stated in an eloquent manner the truth; that it is the lack of love and discipline in society which is bringing so much grief into peoples lives.

Love with all it entails, the responsibility of showing love which includes discipline when required to stop children coming to hurt or harm themselves is key.

Parents have a responsibility to apply themselves to the future of their children with love.

Mark Phillips

Greg Montgomery

I wholeheartedly support James' approach to this subject, as a father of two daughters and a fellow Christian. Not only does the proposed ban contradict what the bible teaches us regarding disciplining our children, I need not add to what James has written, but it is also born out of the misguided opinion that it is a protective measure that reduces violence both in and out of the home, towards children and adults alike.

Those in favour of such a smacking ban refer to the precedent in Sweden, where smacking was banned in 1979. Some intended aims of the ban were to decrease levels of child abuse, whilst allowing parents to take other measures under their own 'empowerment' rather than having it necessary for state agencies to intervene.

Empirical evidence from studies in Sweden since the 1979 ban indicate that the ban has failed to achieve these aims, particularly as Sweden has seen a notable increase in child abuse and, significantly for the future of the generational fabric of their society, increased violence between children. The number of children removed from the home where the so-called "supportive parenting" approach has been adopted, reached 46%, a devastating blow to family fabric.

Countries with relatively low incidence of violence between children - such as Sweden before the ban - may be able to tolerate such a marked increase in rates of violence between children, I don't believe that our society in the UK could withstand such an increase as the six-fold increase in child-to child violence as recorded in Sweden since the ban was introduced.

Please oppose this ban, it is based on fundamentally flawed principles and its success elsewhere is a myth to be debunked by fact, not conjecture, if our society is to be protected from producing future generations for whom violence against their peers and others is regarded as the norm.

Greg Montgomery

Katie Rayson

Thank you James for voicing your opinion so eloquently, I agree wholeheartedly with you and am happy to think of many other young men and women, I know who have been raised in an environment of love and security which included occasional physical correction or 'smacking'. I am confident in having brought my own children up this way and interestingly, the occasions when I did need to smack them were really quite rare. Now they are older they look back on their childhood as a wonderful time and are ready to embrace adult life as confident happy, secure individuals.
I find it really alarming that a smack from a loving parent, could ever be confused with a violent, temper fuelled punch or hitting that would cause injury. Katie Rayson


Wow! What a letter. Did you get a reply?
I found that kids have the ability to take you places you didn't know existed. I had to be prepared for those places, and not acting out of anger was a good preperation. Using discipline in a sandwich of love was also good advice.
I sometimes listen to these debates and think 'stop the world, I want to get off'. Lord help me get it right.

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