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I'm a Christian living in South Wales, United Kingdom. I'm currently working on a PhD on the novels of Umberto Eco and J.M. Coetzee in the English Literature department of Cardiff University.

I am a committed member of All Nations Church in Cardiff, where I have the privilege of leading worship and overseeing the musicians. I play the piano and the guitar and am constantly tempted to learn more instruments. My mother has promised me a mandolin one day.

I also edit various publications for the charity Ministries Without Borders, as well as the two books by my father, Roger Aubrey, "The Circle of Life" and "Discovering God".

I have been married to my wife Saskia for two years; and when I think that life can't get any better, God does something to show me it can.


jazz, coffee, rugby, cricket, the west wing, pizza, jack daniel's, detective novels, gangster films, 20th century literature, fender stratocasters, australian red wine